Hyakka Hyakurou (Nightshade) Review

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I finished it right when the English version released! 😂 It took me way longer than I anticipated since I’ve been told it’s a short game. The story follows a group of Kouga ninjas and their mission in Kyoto. For our heroine Enju, this is her first mission so she’s very excited to do her best. The mission is a success but an unfortunate incident happens and thus comes the end of a peaceful time.

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Kenka Bancho Otome Review


Nakayama Hinako was looking forward to a fun high school life as a girl but on the first day, she bumps into a boy that looks just like her. He happens to be her long lost twin brother named Hikaru. He forces her to go to Shishiku, an all-boys school, in his place and she can’t leave until she becomes the bancho (boss) of the school. Luckily for Hikaru, Hinako is great at fighting since Hikaru loathes it. Meanwhile, Hikaru enjoys going to an all-girls school in her place.

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