Haitaka no Psychedelica Review


Two clans, the Falzi (Hawk) and Wolg (Wolf) fight over the rule of their town. I have no idea how to spell the pronunciation, tried using Google Translate to see what language it is but no luck. Maybe it’s just made up lol. Anyway, in this town there lives a girl with a red right eye, which is proof of being a witch. Fortunately for her, the eye only turns red when her emotions get worked up. Therefore she lives her life as a boy to avoid being found out. After living in the town for several years, she moved outside the town into a tower for fear of hurting the townspeople. One day, the acting priest of town’s church asks her to search for the missing “Kaleidovia,” a special object that is supposed to bring peace to the town. Throughout this task, she discovers secrets about the town, these “magic stones,” and herself.

I’ve also posted blurbs about most of the sub characters because they’re just so interesting! No Tee because I don’t really have anything to say about her. 😅

Contains spoilers!

(Nov 13) Edited some stuff for Francisca and Aria/Olga

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