Code:Realize Character CD Animate Bonus


This is the Animate bonus CD for buying all the Code:Realize character CDs, titled “This song to you tonight.” Cast includes all the main guys plus Sisi. I will not upload the character CDs. You are welcome to share this track, but I’d appreciate if you reupload it.


I only put it on Mega, let me know if you want it hosted on another site.


Wand of Fortune R Review


Lulu transfers to a magic school called Mils Crea because she caused some problems at her previous school. Unlike everyone else, she doesn’t have a specialty element, which is why she can’t perform spells properly. The headmasters of the school tell her that if she can get an element in six months, she can stay at the school.

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Wand of Fortune R Tips


This isn’t a full guide, just some tips I have for the game.

If this is your first time playing WoF, I recommend using a guide for at least the first round just to familiarize yourself with the system. I used throughout the game, mostly choro’s guide but I looked at momokan’s guide to get the friendship end. The problem with choro’s guide is that there are no specifics for the stats needed to get the friend end. I didn’t know about this until a friend on twitter told me. I raised my element too much and that was likely the problem I encountered when going for the friend end.

Edit (7/30) added missions

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Ken ga Kimi for V Review


Kayo is a normal girl living with her dad in Edo. They also own a small restaurant. One day, some samurai from the Bakufu ask her to take the place of Princess Hisa in the bridal procession to Sunpu Castle because they look exactly alike. Due to the shortage of crops from the bad weather, business has been poor, so she takes up the offer. They’re also being threatened and Kayo doesn’t want anything to happen to her dad. Along with some people from Bakufu, six samurai come along as bodyguards. However, the hidden goal of this trip is actually to carry one of Tenga Goken (Five Greatest Swords) to the destination for the Gozenjiai (Sword Tournament).

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