Ken ga Kimi Momoyo Tsuzuri Review


Momoyo is the fandisk for Ken ga Kimi and it contains some common route side stories, alternative stories for each guy’s routes, back stories and after stories for each guy, and sub character stories. All that totals 100 stories. Rejet makes the most extra fandisk to go with the most epic otome game. 👍

It took me more than a month to finish it because 1) it’s long 2) I was busy with my new job 3) I didn’t want finish it because I love it so much ww. I didn’t time myself the whole time but 70 hours is more or less the average play time, and it also depends on your reading speed. As you all know, I’m a big KgK fan so I was very excited for Momoyo. And it was very satisfying!  (⋈◍>◡<◍) I love KgK even more now! 💕💕

I was too lazy to edit the screencaps with the translation this time because there’s so many, I just put captions on them.

天竺葵の書 (Geranium Book) & 山茶花の書 (Camelia Sasanqua)


Both of these takes place after the trip. There’s a story with drunk Saneaki and it’s just hilarious. His hiccups are so cute lol. He draws his sword and tries to attack Tsuzuramaru and Enishi. Meanwhile, Sakyou saves Suzukake from getting deceived and they end up staying in the same inn. They also bump into Kei and there’s a Kei/Suzukake bath scene GOD BLESS THANK YOU REJET. Suzukake tries to hug Kei but Kei just wants him to fuck off because his horns aren’t covered, and probably because he’s not into guys. They were the only ones who didn’t get a bath CG in the first game so I appreciate it ww. In another story that spans a few chapters, the guys are tricked by youkai and get abducted. The stories in Sazanka are just more common route stories with the guys.

桜の書 (Cherry Blossom)


My least favorite book because the stories are pretty boring. The only good part was Iemitsu showing up and introducing himself as ‘Shino.’ Saneaki and Enishi were freaking out while everyone else had no idea who the hell he was 😂 But it was kinda interesting how Zantetsu obtains Muramasa this time. Each guy has their own ‘route’ and they all go through the same thing: guy is facing Zantetsu, on the verge of losing, gets a power up when they think of Kayo, Zantetsu is defeated. Suzukake’s was different because Kayo actually helps out unlike the other ones where she’s watching from the sidelines. Lmao and of course I like Kei’s a lot because the part where his secret was exposed to Kayo made me so 😭. It pains me to hear that he’s so afraid of Kayo not accepting him. Choosing the POVs was annoying, especially with Saneaki’s. I think it was a bug because it made me go through a loop even though I alternated between him and Kayo. After three times or so it finally let me move on. This didn’t happen with the other guys.

彼岸花の書 (Red Spider Lily)


In Tsuzuramaru’s book, we learn about his dad. I didn’t expect them to give such an extensive backstory, it was very interesting. His backstory makes it more clear why he came back from the dead. I don’t remember if they ever mentioned his dad being a part of that in the first game. The story where Kayo gets super pissed at Tsuzu because he’s not taking care of himself was funny. Despite how funny it was, Kayo shouldn’t be so passive-aggressive and should just straight up tell him what’s wrong. The last story was so touching, TSUZU’S MOM!!! After 10+ years, she finally got to see him again 😭😭😭

山吹の書 (Kerria)


I didn’t like Kei’s 和 end because it was rushed. Here, they provided some closure and details so it made more sense. In the third story, Kei and Kayo go on a trip and visit an onsen. THE CG WITH THEM BOTH IN THE BATH *DEEP BREATHES* (SADLY NOT TOGETHER BUT HE DOES JOIN HER OFF SCREEN LATER). My eyes kept going to her boobs lol. THANK YOU YOMI/REJET FOR TWO GLORIOUS NUDE KEI CGS. It’s also confirmed they have a kid, alas no sprite or CG. 😢 Child Kei was so different, he was very shy and didn’t care about anything. He’s grown up to be such a fine young man. I sound like a mom now aha. In another story, Kei’s grandma talks about Kei and how he never uses his hard-earned money for himself and always gives it to her. DDFSDAFDG WHY IS SUCH A GOOD BOY 😭 His childhood story didn’t make me cry that much, although the scene of his parents getting murdered was brutal, no visual though, thank god. You just get to hear them get stabbed multiple times.

菖蒲の書 (Japanese Iris)


Saneaki’s childhood story is so painful, him and his mom always faced discrimination because Saneaki looks foreign and they also practice Christianity. I’ve always wondered why they didn’t go with Saneaki’s dad back to Spain. At least they wouldn’t have been prosecuted for being Christians there. As a kid, people were always racist to Saneaki but once he was older, suddenly everyone just stopped being racist or Rejet decided to drop the subject. It hurt seeing Saneaki get bullied by some kids but he never fought back because he’s a good boy. Also none of the main or sub characters point it out. So strange. 🤔 Saneaki is the only one where we get to see both his parents!

梅の書 (Plum)


There’s one story where Enishi tries to propose to Kayo but she keeps curving him 😂😂 It’s funny and sad at the same time. THEY REMEMBERED ABOUT THE KIMONO ENISHI BOUGHT HER!! It’s so beautiful 😭😭 Ever since he was a kid, he was just trying his best to become a great swordsman and then his dad fucked everything up. And to think that he used to adore Tatsukage so much as a kid too, now they’re on bad terms because of a misunderstanding. 😢 Iemitsu treats him so well, makes me like him even more. Enishi also has the most sprites/outfits out of all the guys. That’s cuz everyone else is pleb compared to him. 😂😂 Although I liked Enishi’s book, it feels like he got snubbed, still not as bad as Suzukake though.

紫陽花の書 (Hydrangea)


I was looking forward to a story about Chihaya so I was quite disappointed. There was only one story for the 和 end, and it was so boring until the end. Sakyou invites Tsuzu to train their vassals. Shit I don’t care about their vassals training, give me some Sakyou/Kayo moments instead please. It was basically a setup for a jealous Sakyou; he got mad that Kayo kept talking about Tsuzu and he decided to ‘punish’ her ww. Since there is no mention of Chihaya I’m guessing this is when Kayo conceives him. I love sly Sakyou. ☺️💕 His last story made me cry so much. One of his students turned out to be an oni and considering Sakyou’s history with oni, he feels conflicted. Eventually he decides to stand up for the kid and even helps the kid and his family out. They’re just trying their best to live but because they’re onis, people turn their backs on them.

金盞花の書 (Marigold)


The first two stories were so boring, I don’t even remember what happened in the first one. The second one takes place after Suzukake died and they’re reminiscing what happened up until he got killed. Why is this even necessary?? 😑 The story about Choushichirou the cupid is my favorite. HE’S JUST A FUCKING KID, WHY DOES HE KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT LOVE?? Suzukake’s childhood story was pretty uneventful except for the meeting of Tsuzu’s dad. It’s so hard for me to like Suzukake as a romantic interest because I can’t take him seriously. He’s so oblivious to human customs, it’s ridiculous. I know it’s because he was raised in the mountains among youkai but still. He had potential but it’s like Rejet didn’t know what to do with him. I’ve convinced they don’t like Suzukake lol, poor boy.

二輪草の書 (Windflower)


These stories center around two of the guys, and some of them take place in one guy’s route. They’re not 3P or NTR or anything. The Kei/Sakyou one was painful, but I appreciated it because I’ve always been curious if something like this were to happen. I loved all these stories because the guys’ interactions are always amusing. The Suzukake/Saneaki one was great because Suzukake asks Saneaki for help on choosing a gift for Kayo and Saneaki tells him all these lewd meanings of the gifts. Obviously Suzukake doesn’t understand. 😂 You can see the screenshots above under Suzukake’s blurb.

江戸菊の書 (Edo Chrysanthemum)


Each sub character gets their own story, but not all of them focus on their backstory. Most of them are interesting, didn’t care for Kamui’s though. His story was boring and he’s still an ass to me. IEMITSU’S WAS GOOD, SUCH A TEASE THOUGH 😭 Hanzou’s was a nice surprise, she looked so cute in a kimono that nobody recognized her 😂 Shiguragi and Zantetsu’s story has convinced me they’re gay for each other. And for us Taichi x Matsu shippers, there’s a story about them too. Nothing confirmed, but I think it’s obvious lol. The Choushichirou one though lol, first he tries to be cupid for Suzukake and Kayo, and now he’s Mr. Steal your girl because he wants to marry Kayo in the future. 😂

百日草の書 (Zinnia)

HAHAHA YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE DONE BUT WAIT THERE’S ONE MORE 😂😂😂 This story isn’t so much of a story, it just goes all the way back to the beginning and the guys introduce themselves and reminisce over the events that happened. (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

Bonus Content


Like the first game, there’s bonus voices for all the characters, about their likes/dislikes, their secrets, etc. You have to exchange the magatama for them, which you get from completing stories and starting the game. Another thing you can exchange the magatama for are some character design sketches and the cut in scenes from the first game. I wish they showed all of them, there’s only five of them and no Kei. 😐 There’s also short stories for each guy, in which they are some kind demon and they fall in love with Kayo. All the stories are so cute, and come with a bonus wallpaper ☺️ The CG for last book is kinda boring and I’m disappointed. Throughout the game there were so many great CGs so why did it fall flat at the end?

Overall Thoughts


Despite some things I didn’t like about the Momoyo, overall it is very satisfying and the best FD I’ve ever played! I’ve never played such an extensive FD. THANK YOU REJET FOR TAKING THE EXTRA MILE TO MAKE IT SO EXTRA. Rejet still needs to work on their programming though, there’s usually a bug or two, and the skip/auto is so slow. I put the auto on the fastest speed and it’s still fucking slow. Also they need to change the jump to next choice NOT skip over unread text. Although it can be useful, seems pointless to have it skip over unread text. Another annoying thing is that there is no way to access the books from the main menu. You have to load a save and then go from there. Pretty annoying when you have to go through all six guys in one story.

When they announced the FD would have over 100 stories I was like, “Y’all are crazy 😂.” I appreciate that they even added stories for the sub characters. Since I like most of the characters, the stories were enjoyable for me. But for someone who only likes one or two characters, they may not enjoy it so much. I wish there was more Iemitsu though, there’s never enough. I LOVE THAT MAN SO MUCH.

Since there’s 101 stories there’s 101 CGs as well, one for each story. There’s a few derpy CGs but generally they all look beautiful, as expected of Yomi. There is a lack of kiss CGs but I wasn’t too concerned with it. I also wish we got to see all their parents, weird how they only show some of them.

All in all, I really enjoyed Momoyo and I’d like to play it again sometime! I’m sad Rejet closed the staff blog, does that mean it’s over? ;-; But they did say any updates from now on will be via their Twitter. I would love to see an anime because the fights would be cool and just because I want more people to get into Kgk.


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