2016 Otome Game Awards

My first annual otome game awards for this blog! I took some of the categories from the Dengeki Girl’s Style and added some of my own.

✨Best Game✨


Ken ga Kimi for V

I went into this game blind, had no idea what it was about except that it is set in old Japan.  It ended up being one of the best otoge I’ve ever played and it is currently my favorite. It is a historical fantasy but there’s more focus on the fantasy than the history. There’s really not much historical events in here at all. I love the story a lot, it’s really well-written. They managed to balance the romance and story well. All the guys are enjoyable too, and I love their interactions with each other. YES it is long as hell but just go through it slowly, don’t try and burn through the prologue in a day.

💕Best Character💕


Kei from Ken ga Kimi

A grade A 💯 tsundere voiced by Kenn 💖💖. Beyond that tsun, he’s a very sweet guy who cares a lot for his friends and family. Him being a grandma’s boy makes him even better. He loves her a lot and it’s so heartwarming. HE IS SUCH A GOOD BOY. 😭😭 His route was very moving, reading about his past and his current life made me cry a lot. Despite all that, he’s optimistic and tries to make Edo a better place for everyone. My eyes are getting watery just from writing this.

🌸Best Heroine🌸


Jed from Haitaka no Psychedelica

The most ikemen heroine ever 😍. A tomboy heroine is rare in otoge so someone like her is a treat. She’s brave, snarky, cool and stands up for herself. I was worried the guys were gonna be all sexist upon knowing that she’s a woman but that didn’t happen (well maybe Lavan kinda does). But for the most part, the guys respect her and support her decisions instead of just telling her to sit down.

🌼Best Sub Character🌼


Tokugawa Iemitsu from Ken ga Kimi for V

DADDY😘😘😘 He’s beautiful and I love his old timey speech. Murata Taishi’s voice for him is perfect. 👌

🍀Best Scenario🍀


Ken ga Kimi for V

This is one of the best written otoges I’ve played. Some routes focus more on the guy’s story than the main plot. I also love that each of the four endings are unique and drawn out. They’re not just like “game over” type bad ends. The character relationships are another great thing about the game, either between the guys themselves or with their friends and family. And of course, the romance is well-written too. You can really see the chemistry progress between Kayo and the guy, it doesn’t feel sudden.

🌧Most Disappointing Game🌧


Beast & Princess

I was expecting it to be a cute fluffy game but they tried too hard to make it ‘deep’ and it was a mess. The reveal was anti-climatic and blah. I barely remember what it was even about. I would have preferred if they focused on the guys themselves, like their struggles from being an animal to a human. I find it hard to believe that they got used to being humans in no time. The only thing I liked was the art and music.

⏱Worst System⏱


Wand of Fortune R

I loathed the system, ended up taking me almost 2 months to finish it because I always messed up and had to restart. The staff said it’s supposed to be easier than the PSP version. I never played it so I don’t know what it’s like but the Vita port was not easy, it was a pain in the ass. I knew it was a stat raiser but I didn’t know it was going to be that bad. NEVER AGAIN. But I do want to play the second game because I want more Esta, Lagi and Alvaro. sigh 😔

I wanted to put Moshi Kami on here but I haven’t finished it so I’ll just save it for 2017. I don’t have any funny categories like some other bloggers because I’m uncreative lol. Hope you enjoyed my awards post! What do you think of them? 😊


4 thoughts on “2016 Otome Game Awards

  1. the WOF PSP port made you do your schedule on a daily basis lmao…so it wasted even more time. you ended up having a lot of time doing nothing by the end of the game which is why they kinda crushed all the stuff together in the end. you also had to play more games to get all the better cards. I honestly don’t know why I ended up pushing through it, I think at the time me and 2 friends started this WOF Suffering Team but in the end I was the only one who made it through (and now twice!)


    • Lol daily?! NAH. I’m glad I never bothered with the PSP port then, I was so close to buying it. So I take it you’re not gonna bother with WOF 2?


      • Yeah I hated the wof2 system even more and also wtf they’re not even including the fandisk on the port lol. Maybe if they ever port the fd I might get that instead since it’s just straight vn.


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