Sanrio Danshi ~Mizuno Yuu~ Review


Cybird recently developed a mobile otome game for Sanrio Danshi. If you don’t know what Sanrio Danshi is, they are a group of five high school boys who love Sanrio characters. There’s Hasegawa Kouta who likes Pompompurin, Mizuno Yuu who likes My Melody, Yoshino Shunsuke who likes Hello Kitty, Nishimiya Ryou who likes Little Twin Stars and Minamoto Seiichirou who likes Cinnamoroll. Their twitter is always a lot of fun to look at and I look forward to their tweets everyday. I’ve only done Yuu so far but since I probably won’t do the other guys except for Shunsuke I’ve put up a review.

It’s your typical high school romance story; you meet the boys and you start out as friends but then you end up falling in love. There’s a little drama here and there, jealous bitches telling you to fuck off ugh. 🙄 I was only on the second chapter and they already showed up smh.

I didn’t expect the story to be amazing or anything but I still thought I’d enjoy it because I already like characters. Well I was wrong because it’s just so dull and uninteresting. As much as I like Yuu, I didn’t get any ドキドキ from him. This game has made me realize that I like Sanrio Danshi because of the guys interacting with each other. On their twitter, Yuu is usually silly and likes teasing his friends but I didn’t get much of that in the game. His conflict was centered around his sister whom he loves (not incest) but she constantly avoids him. So when you secretly end up being friends with his sister, he gets mad at you for not telling him. I guess he’s kinda jealous but it was just silly to me. 🙄 A self-insert otoge just isn’t the same. I’ve also been reminded why high school themed otoge are not for me, I’m too old for this shit. But I do like KBO, so it really boils down to the writing/story and the characters (including the heroine).

Game system is typical social otoge system: you get 5 story tickets a day, grind through the mini game to up your affection, pass wardrobe missions to progress the story. When you make choices, they don’t show how much your gauge goes up until after the scenario, very helpful lol. Well that’s free games for you. But I’m not surprised because they’ve always done this. Also I had difficulty choosing the correct choice most of the time. Because of that I couldn’t even get to the secret ends but oh well. I’m missing one CG so maybe that’s where it comes from. One of the most disappointing things about the game is that there are zero voiced lines in the story. They only do some of the system voices. I guess because the game is free and they don’t want to give too much voices away for free. Well they do have voiced stories that you can buy and they currently have an event where you can get voices. But I’d just rather buy a drama CD or full game than microtransactions. I’ve been in mobage hell and I’m not going back in there lol. I didn’t spend a single cent on this game because it didn’t feel worth it to me.

This CG would have been cute but she looks so uncomfortable lol



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