Haitaka no Psychedelica Review


Two clans, the Falzi (Hawk) and Wolg (Wolf) fight over the rule of their town. I have no idea how to spell the pronunciation, tried using Google Translate to see what language it is but no luck. Maybe it’s just made up lol. Anyway, in this town there lives a girl with a red right eye, which is proof of being a witch. Fortunately for her, the eye only turns red when her emotions get worked up. Therefore she lives her life as a boy to avoid being found out. After living in the town for several years, she moved outside the town into a tower for fear of hurting the townspeople. One day, the acting priest of town’s church asks her to search for the missing “Kaleidovia,” a special object that is supposed to bring peace to the town. Throughout this task, she discovers secrets about the town, these “magic stones,” and herself.

I’ve also posted blurbs about most of the sub characters because they’re just so interesting! No Tee because I don’t really have anything to say about her. 😅

Contains spoilers!

(Nov 13) Edited some stuff for Francisca and Aria/Olga



I LOVE THIS SUAVE MOFO. He is handsome, caring, popular and respected by the people, etc. The instant I saw him I knew he was gonna be my fav. Whenever he smiles and says something nice I just swoon. ꒰♡ˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈꒱.⑅*♡ Hino Satoshi voicing him makes it 10x better. I’ve been dying for him get back into doing otoge and there was two this year (though the other game was shit)!! I like how Lavan cares for Jed but isn’t too possessive. I like my yanderes, but a normal oniichan once in a while is nice too. I thought it was weird how Lugus willingly let Jed off the hook when Lavan said she’s been his wife all this time. But after thinking about it some more, it made sense to me. Punishing Jed, the wife of the Wolf clan leader, is basically asking for a fight. Since they don’t want to make this anymore of a mess, I can see why Lugus gives up. In the common route, he’s been pretty forward with her so I was a little disappointed he wasn’t so lovey-dovey in his ending. I mean, he was struggling with work and shit but still. At first I actually thought they did in the church but that was still the common route so it would be kinda weird. And probably doing it in the church is questionable lol.





Unlike his brother, he likes to slack off. His secret certainly surprised me, never saw that coming because he has such a cheerful personality. I can’t believe he’s a fucking serial killer, is that a first for an otoge hero? He even said, “I like to kill people.” ಠ_ಠ I guess it’s always the ones you least expect. Even though he was being manipulated by the stone and his mom, deep down inside he still had that desire. Lol I knew they were gonna exile him because no way they’re gonna execute him in his own end. Levi washing his hands of the blood in the 黒い影 short story reminds me of the scene in Macbeth where Lady Macbeth is washing her hands of blood. The difference is that Levi thinks he can’t get the smell off where Lady Macbeth just thinks it’s not washing off. His route is the least romantic, no kiss cg and barely any intimate cgs. One of my favorite cgs of his is the crying one, it’s so pretty lol. I know he’s fucked up, but I still feel sorry for him. And at least he feels remorse for it. Speaking of fucked up, the Wolg end was wild; the two of them massacred almost the whole town just for Jed. Lavan gave me Toma feels lol.

The CG above is one of my favorite scenes because Levi first kabedons Jed and when she does it back to him, he gets all dokidoki but she’s like, “tf you embarrassed for, you just did it to me earlier.” :’D

In this scene here their clothes are all wet so Levi tells Jed to her strip or change her clothes. Instead of getting embarrassed, she just gives a snarky reply.levi




I like gap moe characters but he couldn’t top Lavan for me. I do love his bluntness, bad sense of direction, and him being a caring brother. It makes him more human and softens his usual cold attitude. I guess you can say he’s a kuudere, and very dere towards Jed. The scene where he helps Jed change and says something like, “What’s supposed to here is not there” (AKA you have no breasts) followed by a punch to his gut is one of my favorites. I just realized when I got the game I looked at the booklet, saw a glimpse this cg and thought it was Lavan and Jed. Btw Furukawa Makoto makes some nice kissing sounds. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) When I first got his Lugus end, I was confused because it was so lacking. Then I learned that he has another end that has a happier(?) outcome and then I lost my shit because everyone is there including the Kokuchou characters FDSFFGDJJSA. Lugus with black hair is kinda weird lol. I wish we got a glimpse of Lavan though. Speaking of this end, it took me a million tries to get it, probably because I kept choosing the wrong choice, I don’t know. Anyway, it was frustrating lol. One thing I don’t get about Lugus is why he doesn’t seem to hate Olga even though he is the one that killed his biological father.



I still don’t really understand who/what the hell he is. I get that he’s the center of all of this, but is he some supreme being? He talks about writing stories and watching these kids make choices. He can shape shift and stuff too. Whenever Hak spoke I knew he sounded familiar but I couldn’t pinpoint the seiyuu. And then I couldn’t stop laughing when I realized he’s also the old man at the pub. Mysterious characters are cool but I’m just confused by his whole existence so I don’t get his appeal. The traveler end was kinda boring for me because all Jed does is work at the pub as a girl and talk to Hugh everyday. Also the thing about her eye not turning red confuses me too. Is this just supposed to be another world or like a ‘what if’ scenario? Because he says took the story that she’s supposed to be reading.



I got so excited when they announced that the heroine lives her life as a boy because I love crossdressing tomboy characters! She even uses ore/omae. She’s honest, badass and doesn’t hesitate to defend herself. She’s good at keeping her cool but once in a while she can get hot-headed, which is fun to see. I need more spunky tomboy heroines please! Tee’s crush on Jed is cute and I would have liked a route for her but I know that’s not Otomate’s forte. Tamura Mutsumi did a great job voicing her! That slightly husky voice is ❤️❤️. I feel like they didn’t explain enough about the witch so I’m still kinda confused about what the witch really is. I think they only mention that the witch’s power is only reading minds, and obviously Jed doesn’t have the power to destroy the town. I dunno, maybe I need to read it again. Another thing I love about the guys is that they don’t treat her differently after finding out she’s a girl. Well Levi does say, “Can I woo you?” but other than that, they just treat her as they always did.

One of my favorite lines from Jed is when some guys ask her what type of girl she likes, and she replies, “Pale skin, big round eyes, has a cute cry and fast legs… I’m looking for a rabbit like that, have you seen her?”



I initially thought he was Jed’s father because of that scene with him and Aria (Jed’s mother). Later on they make it pretty clear that he is not the father and Olga is, even if Olga refuses to acknowledge her. Francisca also thinks April cheated on her with Aria because he’s never around the house and he is somewhat of a playboy. It’s never clear whether he did or not so I’m still very confused about that April and Aria scene. I STILL NEED TO KNOW: DID APRIL CHEAT ON HIS WIFE?? Yes it was a dream but it has to mean something for them to put it in right? I really would have liked some more details on their parents, or maybe I just have to go read it again to see if I’ll pick up anything I didn’t the first time. It’s interesting how much he cares for Jed even though he was a deadbeat husband/father toward his own family.



I never expected her to play a big part in the story so I was sad when she died. I was hoping for her to cheer on Jed and Lavan/Levi’s relationship. Then I read about the shit she’s done and didn’t feel so sad anymore. She manipulates people and has her own son do dirty work for her/the clan. When she first met Aria and April she was only pretending to like them for her brother’s sake. Even when she married April, she didn’t really love him. It’s sad that she never got to experience true love and a happy marriage. As a result of her unhappiness, she uses Aria as scapegoat, even going as far as to kill her. Even if Aria has witch’s blood in her, Francisca is the ‘real’ witch to me because she started this mess. Yes you can blame part of the problem on April for being a shitty husband/father but they should have tried to work something out. April does say that he loved Francisca but I guess he didn’t know how to show his love or something?


Aria and Olga

These two are Jed’s parents. Unlike Francisca and April, they two were truly in love. It’s really sad how Aria trusted Francisca but in the end Francisca turned her back on her. And despite that, Aria didn’t hold a grudge against her. All she wanted was for Francisca to raise her baby. (;﹏;) Aria is truly a badass for delivering a baby in a fucking fire all alone with no help. JUST HOW THE FUCK??? I don’t know if there’s any significance to Nakahara Mai voicing her but it was nice hearing her again. It’s also good to know Olga wasn’t always some scary grumpy old man. I don’t get why it took him so long to get rid of Francisca. He knew she was the one who was behind all of this.


Lawrence, Elric and Usagi

AAAAAJHHH I LOVE THESE THREE TOGETHER, THEY’RE LIKE A FAMILY. Elric is really different from Hikage, here he’s a cheeky tsundere brat who always runs around causing trouble. I didn’t really care for Kagiha in Kokuchou, but I like Lawrence a lot. He’s always there to support Jed. I thought these two would be a big part of the plot but they’re not, and that’s okay. Whenever these three appear I always get a warm fuzzy feeling. Sometimes Lawrence would say things like he remembers some of his past life and make some references to Kokuchou. I loved Usagi in Kokuchou and she’s just as adorable in here, I love when she goes “poopoo.” :’D

Overall thoughts

This was a great ride and I’m definitely gonna read it again in the future, along with Kokuchou. I like that it makes me think but some parts are too vague so I’m not sure if they’re done on purpose or plot holes. A third game is plausible, there’s still some questions and details about the story that could be wrapped up. I especially want to know more about their parents. They could just combine both games into one or something. Also after stories for the guys as well! I JUST WANT MORE LAVAN PLS. But I understand it may be difficult to write about Kagiha because you know why.

While I really loved this game, it didn’t top Kokuchou for me because it didn’t have that same emotional wreck and depth. Some parts almost got me crying but no tissues were needed. I really wish they added in an epilogue but I guess they wanted to keep that “open-ended” feel. Haitaka seems like a spin-off because from what I got, they’re stuck in another “Psychedelica,” not the living world. So does this mean there’s multiple Psychedelicas?

The map was pretty annoying because they force you to talk to some randos in the town who Idgaf about to rack up points to exchange for stories/cgs in the shop. This makes the system in Kokuchou way better because at least the shooting game is somewhat fun and I don’t have to talk to randos. On my first run, I didn’t bother doing all the talk events and short stories because I just wanted to move on with the story lol. So yeah I would recommend doing all the short stories and talk events on your first run to get it out of the way. But there are also some things on the map that will only show up after the first run so look out for those. And also remember to switch to the female outfit on the map because there may be different stories/talk events.

I love the art and the animation in some scenes (like the snowing). The sprites are also very dynamic, really enjoy the effort they put into that. They even went and drew sprites for all the townspeople! That’s rare for many games. There’s a few cgs where the faces look awkward but otherwise the cgs are all gorgeous.

All in all, if you enjoyed Kokuchou, I would recommend giving this game a try. The staff said it’s not necessary to play the first game to enjoy this one, but I actually think it’s better to do so for a more enjoyable experience. I mean it’s up to you but the references to the first game will just fly over your head. Or playing Kokuchou after Haitaka would be fine too. And just like Kokuchou, don’t expect a lot of romance. Most of the game is one big common route (nine chapters) and the routes are split into a few parts but it’s basically one chapter. The whole length of the game is more less the same as Kokuchou.


2 thoughts on “Haitaka no Psychedelica Review

  1. Thanks for the review!

    I really enjoyed the story and how it all come together, but I wasn’t a big fan of the endings. 😦 I thought it was strange how Jed just ignored what Hugh said about the world being trapped in Psychedica and go about the world as per normal in the character endings.

    For the question of Hugh’s identity, my understanding is that he was the eagle that accompanied the Witch and his name was Haitaka. After he was killed by April, he turned into a human/ gained a human form(?), and was able to travel to different Psychedelicas / worlds.

    My hypothesis about Aira is that she reincarnated as Ai from Kokuchou. Apart from having the same VA, they also have similar personality in terms of being kind but strong. In Kokuchou, they also left the question of why there was the last piece of shard in Beniyuri’s hairpiece. I think that the mysterious shopkeeper in Kokuchou was Hugh in disguise, and he passed the hairpiece to Ai to protect her while she was in the Psychedelica. And the reason why he helped her was because he knew her in her previous life as Aira.

    I feel that after this game I have more questions than the number of questions answered. 😂 I really hope that they will have another game where they will talk more about the original Witch.

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    • Thanks for commenting! You make some good points! 😀 Yeah I don’t know why they made all the chara ends stuck in the Psychedelica. They could have done it like Kokuchou, have both a real world end and psychedelica end.
      I just had to go and re-read the story about the original witch and now it makes sense! I didn’t really understand it the first time I read it.
      Yep I definitely hope they make a third game because I’m still kinda confused about some things. 😅


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