Kenka Bancho Otome Review


Nakayama Hinako was looking forward to a fun high school life as a girl but on the first day, she bumps into a boy that looks just like her. He happens to be her long lost twin brother named Hikaru. He forces her to go to Shishiku, an all-boys school, in his place and she can’t leave until she becomes the bancho (boss) of the school. Luckily for Hikaru, Hinako is great at fighting since Hikaru loathes it. Meanwhile, Hikaru enjoys going to an all-girls school in her place.


Minowa Totomaru

He comes off as brash and kinda dumb but is actually good at studying. He even has to help Hinako and Konparu study. I didn’t find his route as interesting as Konparu’s but he’s cute throughout the game even before he finds out she’s a girl. He’s like one of those guys that blushes whenever he sees a girl. Also the last scene in the love end 💖💖 gotta love KENN saying SUKIIII over and over. However I’m disappointed the confession didn’t really happen until the end. I’m pretty sure Hinako even confessed earlier on but Toto just gasped and that was it.


Konparu Takayuki

I guess he’s a kuudere of sorts? Always trying to stay cool while dealing with Toto’s dumbass. He has four younger siblings (lol damn). His route was so good that I had a hard time putting the Vita down haha. I’ve never played a VN about yakuza so it was refreshing to me. Since Konparu wants to become a martial artist someday, he trains a lot. There’s also fighting techniques/vocab that flew over my head ww. It’s cute how Konparu gets very shy around Hinako once he finds out she’s a girl. He even stopped their wrestling exercises. 😂 I’m disappointed they didn’t go on a date with Hinako as a girl, FD please ;w; His route is the only one where there’s no scene of Hinako as a girl after she came out.


Mirako Yuuta

He’s an idol so most of the time he’s not even at school. He doesn’t even regularly appear until the latter half of the common route. Lol even in a game about yankees we can’t escape from idols. 😂 He didn’t interest me at first because sometimes I find flirty guys annoying. But Mirako is really sweet and I never found him annoying. His route has a nice balance of romance and story. I was amused that Mirako admitted he’d go gay for Hinako. Surprisingly Hikaru didn’t seem to care about Hinako and Mirako dating. Thought for sure he would throw a big fit since he likes him so much.


Kira Rintarou

I was really looking forward to his route because cool Hosoyan character but I was somewhat disappointed. The reason Kira didn’t go contact Hinako all these years seemed stupid to me. I thought it would be some tragic event or he moved somewhere far but it was just a simple misunderstanding. I also think they chose a bad spot to split the route. In the friend end, he suspects Hinako is not the real Hikaru but then after they fight, she asks him if he’s satisfied with the result. He says that Hinako wouldn’t say something like that and gives up. The last time he saw her was several years ago and they were only together for half a year. Sure he would have a certain image of her but he was also a kid at the time. I guess it’s because his impression of her is so strong he refuses to believe that she’s changed. But I still don’t like how he gives up so easily. I’d rather him not be on the verge of finding out at all. His route is definitely the saddest since he’s been through so much shit. Other than the friend end, I like his route, plus his interactions with Hinako are really cute. Btw his younger brother can be cute when he’s not being a brat.


Onigashima Houou

I knew they would pull the “we’re not actually blood-related” card hahaha. It happens every time with these oniichans. 😂 Well this game is cero B after all but even in R-18 games they still do it. I guess it’s too taboo for otome games? I loved his route, and his doting personality is so cute. For once we have an oniichan who’s not a yandere cockblock. But it’s probably because Hinako is his “younger brother.” Yanderes are amusing but I wouldn’t mind more oniichan characters like Houou. I found the part where their dad hugs the twins so touching. After all these years, Hinako finally gets to live with her family. ;^; Lol I wasn’t expecting the wedding scene but I’m not complaining. Sakaguchi has the best reaction as usual. 👌😂 I also wanted to see Houou with his hair down and I’m happy they granted my wish ww. I was curious about his bad end but it’s pretty pointless, just like all the other ones. But you have to do it to get the platinum, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered. Maybe a friend end would have been weird so I would have liked a normal end where Hinako becomes the bancho and continues going to Shishiku without anyone knowing her secret. There is a bad end like that but it’s only a few sentences. If they expanded on it, I think it would have made for a nice ending.

Overall Thoughts

After nearly two months of WoF hell, this game felt so refreshing. Some of the routes could use some improvement, but I am mostly satisfied with the game. I love all the guys, and Sakaguchi is one of the best sub characters ever. He’s so hilarious; Kondou Takashi did an A+++ job. 😂😂 I think I’m gonna vote for him as best sub character in Girl’s Style annual otoge awards.

Hinako has become one of my favorite heroines. I love that she’s super OP and can beat up anyone, even those ossan yakuza. Even when the guys tell her to stand back, she’ll stand up for herself. One of my favorite scenes is in Toto’s love end where she reveals herself to the whole school. At first the students are shocked but then they become supportive and don’t care that she’s a woman. Hikaru is such a selfish brat and oh boy, all that screaming and whining lol. Hikaru always making Hinako do everything makes me want to slap him.

For Spike Chunsoft’s first otome game, I think they did a great job. Story is interesting and the mini game is fun without being super frustrating. And most of the time, even if you lose a battle you can just pick ‘win’ so no worries about being a suck at it. Now on to suggestions and things I disliked. On the map, you can talk to the characters but the topics are quite limited and after a few times, it just becomes a skip fest. Somewhere in the middle of the common route, the only thing you can do is go around the map for days and it gets boring. An epilogue after the ending theme or a bonus story would have been nice too. Most otoge I’ve played at least have an epilogue. This has none of that and it just felt kinda abrupt after completing a route, especially since most of them end with a kiss/confession scene. I really hope they make an FD because I need more lovey dovey scenes. >w<

This game has some parallels with I Doll U: girl has to cross dress and take the place of her older brother, has to keep her real identity a secret, and both games share three of the same seiyuu (KENN, Hosoyan, Maeno). The big difference is one is crap.

A while back the English Spike Chunsoft twitter held a poll asking which games people were interested in for a Steam release. Although KBO won the poll, they never guaranteed a localization but I hope they consider it because it’s a great game and it’s gotten a lot of attention from Western otoge fans.


One thought on “Kenka Bancho Otome Review

  1. Aaaah, your post is giving me thirst triple fold (༎ຶ⌑༎ຶ)
    Blushing dudes are my weakness, as are shotas, so this looks great ୧(๑❛ั⌔❛ั๑)୨ ॢ
    I really, really hope they’re localising it, I’m not the only one thirsting for it.
    If possible I’d love if they paired up with NISA to bring the Vita version too, since they did such an excellent work with the Danganronpa series б(>ε<)∂


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