Code:Realize Character CD Animate Bonus


This is the Animate bonus CD for buying all the Code:Realize character CDs, titled “This song to you tonight.” Cast includes all the main guys plus Sisi. I will not upload the character CDs. You are welcome to share this track, but I’d appreciate if you reupload it.


I only put it on Mega, let me know if you want it hosted on another site.


Wand of Fortune R Tips


This isn’t a full guide, just some tips I have for the game.

If this is your first time playing WoF, I recommend using a guide for at least the first round just to familiarize yourself with the system. I used throughout the game, mostly choro’s guide but I looked at momokan’s guide to get the friendship end. The problem with choro’s guide is that there are no specifics for the stats needed to get the friend end. I didn’t know about this until a friend on twitter told me. I raised my element too much and that was likely the problem I encountered when going for the friend end.

Edit (7/30) added missions

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