Ken ga Kimi for V Review


Kayo is a normal girl living with her dad in Edo. They also own a small restaurant. One day, some samurai from the Bakufu ask her to take the place of Princess Hisa in the bridal procession to Sunpu Castle because they look exactly alike. Due to the shortage of crops from the bad weather, business has been poor, so she takes up the offer. They’re also being threatened and Kayo doesn’t want anything to happen to her dad. Along with some people from Bakufu, six samurai come along as bodyguards. However, the hidden goal of this trip is actually to carry one of Tenga Goken (Five Greatest Swords) to the destination for the Gozenjiai (Sword Tournament).



Kuroba Saneaki

He is the oldest of the six and is usually calm and collected. He is also half Spanish and practices Christianity secretly since it was outlawed back then. I looked for recommended play orders but they’re all over the place so I just picked Saneaki first out of curiosity. I read some Japanese review and the person said he’s like an old man since he lives alone in the forest. I agree 😂 His route was pretty good but I don’t like him as much as I thought I would. I really love his design though. I prefer his wa end to the sachi end because he moves in with Kayo and works at the restaurant. I love a man who can cook and do housework. 😀 It was quite touching during his ara end when he said “Goodbye, Kayo-san.” Then Kayo goes back into the cave expecting him to be there but he’s gone. ;__;

His confession scene is one of my favorites: Kayo confesses to him first and gets him all flustered. Then Habaki, the youkai attached to his sword, decides to give him a hand by kicking him so he falls on top of Kayo. Habaki teasing Saneaki is always funny because it’s the rare times where he ends up losing his cool. I found his bonus story for the sachi end really heartwarming and sweet because they celebrate Christmas!



His hobbies include getting drunk all day and chasing after women. He is also the mood maker of the group. Throughout the common route, he annoyed me so I played him second to get him out of the way lol. I didn’t like his voice that much either but eventually I got used to it. To my surprise, I enjoyed his route and the ara end even got me crying a lot. They even had to add a ‘CG’ of him dying, goddammit Rejet I don’t need that. I say ‘CG’ because it looks like a CG but it doesn’t show up in the gallery. This end is great despite his death because he finally accomplishes something as a samurai for the country, which he’s been trying to do all these years. In the sachi end he becomes a farmer with Kayo and they move to the inaka. I’m surprised he enjoys farming so much, it’s kinda cute lol. I also like Kayo in his route a lot. She got pissed when she saw Enishi at Yoshiwara and didn’t forgive him for a while. It was funny seeing her give him the cold shoulder. She even said she’d throw salt at him if ever comes to their shop again lol. Like father like daughter. 😂


Sagihara Sakyou

I never really paid attention to this game before and I always thought Sakyou was the heroine because he looks feminine. HE’S SO PRETTY. ❤️ His route is different from Saneaki and Enishi’s and only briefly touch the overarching plot. From his introduction in the game, I could tell he would be the messed up/dangerous one. I expected him to be the yandere too but he wasn’t, surprisingly. He has the most bloody CGs out of all the guys.

Most of the crazy shit happens in the ken ends though. Good thing I finished his ara end at night because I was crying nonstop. The next morning I decided to do the rest of his ends and I started crying again at the ki end. I just had to stop and finish another time because I didn’t want my mom to come back and see my eyes all puffy lol. The bonus story for the ki end is really sad too because Kayo wants to see him so badly but she knows she must live on his behalf. Then finally she sees his ghost one last time (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) Geez I’m getting emotional just thinking about it and writing this. First time I’ve ever felt so much pain playing an otoge, thanks Rejet.

Okay let’s go on to the good ends; my favorite was the wa end because he takes Kayo back to his home and they get married. The rest of the guys accompany her bridal procession too! The CG of Sakyou was pretty but I wish it was of him and Kayo in their wedding attire. I loved the bonus story too! They had a kid ;__; And Sakyou wants more kids so one can be the heir and one can do whatever he wants lolol.


Kayo shoves him under her futon to hide him from her dad, lewd stuff ensues.

Btw I’m surprised her dad never finds out that Sakyou was hiding in Kayo’s route for several days. He almost does in this scene but Kayo hides him well lol. It also frustrates me that she can’t tell anyone about him. The poor guy suffers so much.



He’s an awkward tsundere who starts out really rude but deep down he’s a nice caring guy. Him being a grandma’s boy makes him even cuter. I was really excited to play his route because tsundere. Also KENN did an A++ job at voicing him. In the beginning I thought he was mixed because he had dark skin and light colored hair. But then I noticed how he had fangs and thought maybe he was an oni, or half oni. I expected that Kayo’s dad would refuse to let Kei marry her but that part still made me really upset and I started crying again. Kei said he doesn’t have any parents and he would finally have a father if he marries Kayo. LOOK AT THIS FACE, DOES THIS LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHO’S EVIL??  He just wants a family T__T


Pure angel cinnamon roll

I didn’t like his wa end that much, I expected that outcome but it seemed bland to me. The bonus story is kinda depressing too because the oni are still hated and they get chased out wherever they go. His ki end is better; he wins the tournament instead of ditching it as he did in the kimi ends. But the annoying thing about this route is that Kei’s always busy and doesn’t have time to see Kayo, and everyone keeps cockblocking them. Well the final scene was funny because everyone, including her dad, is in cahoots to get Kayo and Kei together. And finally the ara end, I was crying a lot again. Nothing bad happened until the last minute after the tournament. I expected Kei to lose and then some shit would happen, not being killed by some random. Well it was Tatsukage who ordered that guy to kill him. I was wondering if Sakyou would find out about Kei being an oni and he would kill him. Actually, he probably does find out. But that may not make sense since Sakyou bears no grudge against him. Would Sakyou would kill someone just because they’re an oni? His bonus CG for completing the bonus stories is supposed to be sexy but his derp face kinda ruins it. (; ´_ゝ`) Oh yeah I love the Chinese influences in Kei’s clothes and the palace in Kibi Province. I also thought he might have been Chinese at first because of his shoes and the pattern on his top.



He’s actually the same age as Sakyou (18) but he is a lot more naive about certain things because he grew up in the mountains with youkai instead of humans. He doesn’t quite have the same common sense as most humans. For example, he doesn’t understand that plebs can’t just go in the Edo Castle to see the shogun whenever they please. He also believes in talking to and understanding youkai instead of attacking them all.

Boy Rejet sure loves getting their heroines hurt don’t they? That stupid Kamui kid beat Kayo and tried to use her to get Suzukake to forfeit the tournament. This is all because Suzukake is a better doctor than him so he’s jealous. He even made Sakyou hurt Kei by telling Sakyou that Kei is an oni ;-; <— Oh hey look what I predicted lol. He also tried to poison Tsuzuramaru but failed lol. HOW DARE YOU HURT MY BABIES!!! ヾ(。`Д´。)ノ

Anyway, Suzukake is cute but his route was just mediocre for me. I guess it’s because I played his route after Sakyou and Kei’s that made Suzukake dull in comparison. I also wished the youkai issue was discussed more in the kimi ends. When Suzukake used Juzumaru to seal the entrance to Tokoyo, I was disappointed that there was no cool flashy CG like in Saneaki and Enishi’s routes.  I enjoyed the ara end because he becomes Iemitsu’s right hand man, but the downside is he can’t see Kayo that much.  😦



In the other routes, he’s always shown walking around starving and penniless. In Kayo’s route, he finally gets a job and shelter. I guess as the main guy, he gets to be the closest to Kayo throughout the route. Everyone always remarks how Tsuzuramaru looks young for his age and I didn’t think anything of it at first. All those other clues they dropped flew by my head too, such as his cold body and pale complexion. He also has a huge scar across his torso.

Being the main guy, I didn’t find his route to be the best. It was still really interesting though. Other than his sachi end, the other ends were just okay. The ki end was kinda creepy though, especially his voice sometimes. The bonus story for this end was unexpected though, he turns yandere. I know it’s the Marebito, but it still surprised me. Lol in the wa end bonus story he gets jealous over Kayo picking some flowers. Not sure if that’s worse than Tsubasa getting jealous over a sewing set in I Doll U. OLDER TSUZURAMARU IS REALLY HOT. That bonus CG is the best ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

The bonus story for the sachi end was great because everyone got together. Obviously Tsuzuramaru can’t explain that he died and came back alive so he just lets everyone think he got a sudden growth spurt lol.

Overall Thoughts

This is the longest otome game I have ever played, and I thought Code:Realize was long. At times I got kinda bored during the common route because it’s just so long and they keep throwing these difficult kanji and terminology around. This is just an estimate but I think each individual route takes at least 15 hours to complete.  It’s probably not a great idea to blast through this game in one go because it can get overwhelming. Despite the difficulty and length, this game was really worth playing. However, if you’re a beginner in Japanese, it’s better to wait until you improve your Japanese. It’s not history-heavy like Hakuouki though. There are a few historical characters but it doesn’t focus on historical events. It’s mostly fantasy, sword fights and demons. Certain character routes are better than others but I still enjoyed the game very much as a whole. My favorites are Kei and Sakyou.

The art in this game is absolutely gorgeous. LOOK AT HOW YOMI DRAWS THE FUCKING NAILS.


I also love the variety of sprites for each character. I was quite surprised at the naked Kayo sprite though lol, which gets used a few times. The guys and Kayo have a number of outfits too, though some have more than others. I appreciate that they did this instead of having them wear the same outfit throughout the whole game. Most of the CGs look great except for Kayo’s derp face in some of them. She looks like she’s spacing out or something. Also Kei has a few derpy ones too. As usual, Rejet’s music is great ❤ Soundtrack is beautiful and I love all the theme songs.

The extras in the game are awesome too, there’s a section with voices from each guy as well as some sub characters. I DEFINITELY NEEDED THAT IEMITSU ONE 😘 I really want some kind of story or whatever in the fandisc, like maybe he can secretly visit Kayo’s restaurant or something. There’s so many hot sub characters in this game, especially the ossans like Iemitsu and Tsuzuramaru’s master. I expected him to be some wrinkly gge so I was quite surprised that he looks like this. 😂


There’s also a fortune thing whenever you start up the game, but it’s kinda useless since I don’t quit the game often. I think it would have been better to make the fortune appear when you go the title page instead. Here’s one fortune I found amusing.


He’s telling me stop being a hikikomori lol. HOW DID YOU KNOW??

They introduce Kayo as a naginata wielder, but she doesn’t use it much outside of the dojo. There’s only a few routes where she actually tries to fight. In most routes she’s passive and doesn’t do much, so that was kinda disappointing. She was awesome in Enishi’s route, didn’t hesitate to tell him off when he was bothering her and she even helped him fight.

Despite being a great game, some of the bugs ruined the experience a bit for me. The skip read would not work for me. I didn’t realize there was a patch until after I finished one route. After I downloaded the patch, the skip read still wasn’t working but then it randomly started working towards the end of Saneaki’s route. Then it didn’t work again when I went back to the common route or even when I restarted the game. So I asked Rejet about it and they told me to delete my saves and reinstall the game. I was a little upset that I had to redo Saneaki’s route but at least the skip read was working properly now. Then starting with Suzukake’s route I stopped getting trophies and I didn’t even notice until about 2 weeks later. I was about to be upset if I had to restart the game AGAIN but I just went back and tried to get the trophies again and it worked lol. So glad I kept all my saves this time. Sometimes after finishing a route, I’d overwrite the save.

My recommended play order is Sakyou or Kei > Suzukake > Saneaki or Enishi > Tsuzuramaru. It’s perfectly fine to go for whoever you want first, however Tsuzuramaru is best played last. I recommend Sakyou and Kei before Saneaki and Enishi because their routes have the least connection to the main plot. Suzukake should be played after Kei because there’s a clue about Kei which may spoil part of his route. But if you already figured it out, then it doesn’t matter much.

For those of you that hate yanderes and oniichans, be glad there are none in here 😂


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